Virtual Control Rooms:The Nexus of Hybrid and Virtual Events

A broadcast presentation hub

Where Virtual Events Come To Life

Virtual Control Rooms are the hub where your hybrid event or virtual event comes to life. Virtual and hybrid events feature.

  • presenters from multiple locations¬†
  • pre-recorded footage¬†
  • custom graphics¬†
  • and presentation decks

that all need to come together to create a polished, professional presentation.

The expert virtual event producers in our Virtual Control Room combine the best parts of live studio events, stage presentations, and more into a truly live event. Our virtual control center can handle all of your needs, regardless of the complexity of your virtual live event.

Our virtual control rooms and expert virtual event production technicians seamlessly pull together live presenters from your event studio, pre-recorded segments, and remote live presenters from a virtual event studio (or your Produce From Home Kit) into one show. Our team of virtual event producers and technicians will take your event to the next level.

Virtual Event Company Platform | Virtual Event Site
  • Virtual Control Rooms pull in feeds from multiple locations, bringing your show together, and turning any space into a virtual live studio.
  • Our Virtual Control Rooms are the broadcast presentation hubs for virtual events and hybrid events
  • Call managers assist presenters 1:1 to get them ready to present
  • Graphics operators confirm presentation decks are correct
  • Slides can be advanced for the presenter by a graphics operator
  • Playback operators roll pre-recorded segments into the main program
  • Technical Directors operate the switcher, design multi-box layouts, insert lower thirds and titles
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