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Remote Video Production

Now anyone can create professional quality video, with produciton equipment from Virtual Event Site! A Produce From Home Kit includes video equipment rental, full technical support, and professional editing.

Our Produce From Home Kits (PFH) are designed to provide video production equipment for remote presenters who need to deliver high-quality content for livestream, simu-live, or pre-recorded formats. Our PFH Kits solve the issues of live streaming from home or office, providing production equipment to create high-quality video, broadcast quality audio, and professional backgrounds.

Our Produce From Home Kits include the video production equipment  you need to pre-record or livestream content. Once the recording process is complete, your content is uploaded to the web. Our video production team can edit, add slides, and add additional video content and motion graphics, to create a professional, polished presentation.

After the event, you can pack your video production tools back in the Produce From Home Kit and return your rental video gear.

Our Produce From Home Kits offer:
  • High-quality production value from the comfort of your home or office
  • High-definition camera delivers broadcast quality video with an adjustable field of view
  • Background noise cancelling microphone provides crystal clear audio
  • Key lighting reduces shadows and evens out ambient lighting to achieve your best look
  • Customizable digital backgrounds
  • Livestream and pre-record options
  • Presenter view with playback, countdown and teleprompter
  • Live, remote technician to help assist remote presenters every step of the way
Broadcast Production | Virtual Event Site
Broadcast Production | Virtual Event Site
Broadcast Production | Virtual Event Site
Our Produce From Home Kits feature video production equipment including:
  • MacBook Pro
  • Livestream codec
  • High-definition camera
  • Shotgun microphone
  • Lights
  • Stands
  • Chair mounted green screen
  • Cables & accessories
Broadcast Production | Virtual Event Site
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