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An Immersive 3D Virtual Event Platform

For a truly unique virtual event experience, our team of designers can, in virtual 3D, replicate real-life venues or create virtual concept venues to host virtual 3D events of all kinds, including:

  • trade shows 
  • conferences 
  • product demos 
  • investor days 
  • benefits 
  • and more 

Our navigable 3D virtual event environments provide a custom, interactive, virtual event landscape where your attendees can experience a replica of a real-world event.

Our 3D virtual event platform is perfect for many types of content, including:

  • livestreams 
  • video on demand 
  • web conferencing
  • presenters on virtual sets

All attendees can access the 3D virtual event environment from a laptop or desktop computer, using their mouse to navigate hot spots and interact with content. 3D Virtual environments are VR ready for attendees with Oculus or Google cardboard headsets, offering an even more immersive virtual event experience.

We can help you customize the experience of your virtual attendees as they explore your virtual 3D world. Solutions like downloadable documents, personalized agendas, leaderboards, and even a virtual photo booth can make your 3D meeting or event completely unique.

For those attendees that prefer 2D, the Virtual Event Site platform offers a 2D fallback for all users on the platform.

If you want to host a unique virtual event, our design team can replicate real life venues or even create virtual venues that reflect your goals and enhance your brand. Whether you are planning a virtual trade show or a festival, a fashion show or conference, product demos or investor days, here at VES, we have the expertise to take your event to the next level. 

In case you are unfamiliar with the term, Virtual Reality (VR) is an online three-dimensional experience that engages guests through a customized menu of interactions and explorations; it’s the best way to connect people who are not in the same physical space. Through VR, attendees find themselves immersed in a strategically-designed environment that allows them to learn, observe, reflect, communicate, evaluate, experiment, imagine, interact, solve problems, meet challenges and even play games.

Since Virtual Reality allows users to interact with artificial 3D environments, attendees can instantly travel to a make-believe world that feels entirely authentic; in addition, they have the chance to interact with spaces and people in ways that previously were unimaginable.  Depending upon your objectives and your audience, VR offers flexible scenarios and an exciting way to bring what is real into virtual reality. The possibilities are limitless–best of all, the choices are yours!

3D Custom Design Examples

Who is VR for?

VR is not only a valuable resource for event producers but also for advertising agencies, marketing directors, manufacturers, team leaders and any other professionals who wish to connect specific groups of people–clients, shareholders, investors, personnel, trainees, scholars, researchers, inventors… Today, innovative companies in almost every industry are providing their constituents with VR experiences, especially since the onset of Covid-19 has made it risky to host in-person events. Virtual events provide an alternative to pandemic-related event cancellation, eliminating expenditures for actual venues, lodging and travel. At the same time, advanced user-friendly event platforms such as VES  transport attendees beyond a basic, 2-D virtual meetup, providing an experience that is both exciting and engaging. Gone are the days of sitting glued to a static computer screen during one-dimensional presentations, mostly muted and at the mercy of inadequate technology. Instead, attendees get to enjoy a lively experience that is every bit as satisfying as an in-person event; once they have attended a virtual event based on VR, chances are they will never be satisfied with an ordinary virtual event again.

VR and Hybrid Events

VR also features in hybrid events–in other words, in events which bring together remote attendees and those who are attending in-person, seamlessly integrating both audiences into one cohesive group. When it comes to interactions, connections and activities, the melding of the in-person and virtual worlds creates a unified, fully immersive experience. This facilitates the exchange of real-time data between both the presenters and the guests; it also allows event producers to monitor engagement in real-time as well as to obtain post event analytics.

In-person events also benefit from incorporating VR elements. Before the actual event takes place, attendees might check out the event space to get a sneak preview of what to expect. They can listen to pre-recorded messages from company directors, have a virtual introduction to the speakers, browse through exhibit halls and meet some of the event sponsors. If you have enacted gamification, your guests can even start collecting points towards some prize or award, or work in teams to accomplish a competitive  challenge.  As you can see, VR is entirely customizable when it comes to your guests’ event experience.

Designing your 3D Virtual Event

Depending on the type of event you have in mind, our design team can accommodate all users, whether they opt in for the full VR experience or engage in a more limited way. Our 3D navigable virtual environments provide custom landscapes for livestreams, video on demand, web conferencing, presenters on virtual sets, and downloadable content. All attendees can access the 3D environment from a laptop or desktop computer by using their mouse to navigate, whereas attendees that prefer 2D can access the Virtual Event Site platform.  Ideally, participants will have an Oculus Rift, a professional headset that allows for a completely immersive experience; on the other hand,  Google Cardboard is perfect for those who are just getting started in VR, or who would like to experiment. Google Cardboard is the next best choice for budget conscious consumers or for event planners that will be providing the device to attendees.

Is 3D the right choice for your event?

If you’re wondering if VR is right for your company or organization, schedule a time to chat with our design team—we would be happy to help you make an informed decision. Meanwhile, you may want to check out our list of some of VR’s many applications. We hope the list inspires creative thinking and an understanding of VR’s amazing possibilities! 

  • To show off a new space
  • To launch a product
  • To invite attendees to preview event content
  • To engage virtual attendees during an event
  • To invite “no-shows” to review event content after the event
  • To bring an element of “fun” to your event
  • To transport people to a specific location 
  • To provide an engaging learning environment
  • To facilitate an immersive virtual experience when in-person attendance isn’t an option
  • To bring a global community together
  • To make company-wide meetings more engaging and fun
  • To provide virtual event attendees with a live event experience
  • To integrate multi-location hybrid events into one single virtual space
  • To give customers and/or clients an excuse to play
  • To create spaces for virtual meetups 
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