How to Create a Virtual Conference

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Running an online virtual conference is no small feat. Not only do you want to ensure that participants are fully engaged, but you also need to keep technical aspects operating smoothly while offering an easy-to-use interface.

With all these moving parts to consider, we’ve compiled a list of tips and recommendations for how to create a virtual conference for your event needs.

Begin With A Consumer-Friendly Interface

The interface of your online conference can make or break the attendee experience. It’s important to offer a content-rich website that’s also easy to navigate and loaded with functionality.

A consumer-friendly interface can help make online events feel like they’re in-person. It’s also important to help keep the event organized, ensuring attendees are able to attend the events they want, and overall create a seamless experience.

Create a Micro-Community

When you host a virtual conference, it’s important to create a sense of community even if attendees are logging in from around the world. A virtual conference platform can help foster a space for networking opportunities and more.

Also, you can lean on the power of social media, newsfeeds, and breakout sessions to allow for conversations and connections like those that would occur during an in-person event.

Offer Unique Attendee Experiences

When it comes to how to create an online conference attendees will remember, it’s all about offering a variety of experiences. A mix of live sessions with keynote speakers and pre-recorded videos and virtual booths can be a good place to start.

To really ensure your virtual conference stands out, you should also offer virtual event gamification options. This is a fun and unique way to improve attendee participation while creating a memorable experience.

Utilize Software and Hardware

A virtual event platform can make planning a virtual conference a breeze. The mix of niche software and virtual control room hardware can deliver your ultimate virtual even vision.

From start to finish you can customize your event and have peace of mind that your programs will go off without a hitch. Leaning on software and hardware for support helps your event operate smoothly and securely while allowing your tailored content to shine.

Follow Up With Attendees

Finally, don’t forget to follow up with attendees. Even after the virtual conference is over, it’s important to keep learning opportunities open. Virtual Event Site can facilitate both pre-and post-event activities for your attendees that can be synced with networking and gamification options.

This leaves a positive impression on attendees and helps grow your network even after the event has ended.

About Virtual Event Site

We are the customer virtual event platform that can do it all. Our software and hardware solutions empower businesses to create their own virtual conferences that have the feel and engagement of an in-person event.

See how Virtual Event Site can help you plan your next virtual conference or find more tips for how to create an online virtual conference.

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